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CivicRM Campaign Manager Package (16 Available) - Organizations are now able to develop their own campaigns and offer their own events using the Benchmark Connections hosted and managed CivicRM environment.

Features Included

Campaign Manager Access
  • Register one Campaign Manager for access needed to create and deliver campaigns and Events.

  • Add multiple Campaigns and Events and deliver them on the schedule you choose.

  • Register multiple, limited access, assistants to help you manage Contributors.

Manage your Contacts and expand as you mature Contributor Relationships.
  • Contributors will register and enroll through the Benchmark Connections Online CivicRM environment based on the rates you set for your Events and these funds will pass through to you monthly.

  • You will manage your Contributors and Event participants through CivicRM so any drop or add enrollment changes and refunds are processed for you.

Additional Value Feature
  • Integrated mailman mailing lists


Specialized Technical Support
  • Request specific support as needed from our CivicRM experts @ $85 per hour (4 hours per request)

  • Request general web hosting technical support as needed @ $25 per hour (8 hours per request)

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