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  • Navigation
    Navigation uses the ' Superfish ' script and relies on jQuery. Navigation works with the ' Superfish ' script, and can be modified in the _sub_header.tpl  file in the temp
  • Magazine Theme
    The Magazine theme for PivotX is an eye pleasing layout. The Magazine theme for PivotX is an eye pleasing layout. With the 'ExtraFields' extension, it will display a nice
  • Add a Navigation Menu
    Here is a start on the layout of a top level menu bar and some other basic navigation aids for users. Still need to add css formatting for inner_container and pivotx-nav.
  • Editing the Links List
    Use the PivotX 'Manage Media' interface to edit 'Templates' and change links. Links in the this section are coded into the file '_sub_link_list.html' in the pivotx/templat
  • Editing the About Block
    PivotX allows a simple file copy to duplicate an existing site making it very easy to get a new site up and running with a minimal amount of configuring. PivotX is a GPL w
  • Example Resource Links
    This post is an entry in the Resource Links category which is a quickl and easy way to add links to interesting sites or resources if you have Author or Editor privileges.
  • Welcome to PivotX - 2.2.5
    If you can read this, you have successfully installed PivotX . Yay!! To help you further on your way, the following links might be of use to you: PivotX.net - The official

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