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More About the Benchmark Connections Implementation of Mahara

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Mahara provides the tools. You set up your own personal learning and development environment. You decide how and where to share across. You can rally your community for change by building connections within your organizations and by sponsoring your own group causes.

  • With Mahara's tools you can take all of your work with you anytime (your ePortfolio is transferable to Leap2 environments).
  • You'll benefit from existing social networking sites while you build your personal and professional networks.
  • Mahara's Collections and Views allow you to publish and securely share your experience with anyone.
  • Develop your communications skills by using these structured tools.
  • See how ePortfolio's are being used by people from different Institutions.
  • Build support for your cause! Invite others to join your favorite virtual community groups or create your own!

Leap2 Import is available! If you have an existing ePortfolio we can help you import to Benchmark- Connections Mahara.

What is a Portfolio? It is simply a "Collection" of files, photo's, blogs, web links, ... that you structure in a "View" for others to see and use as you allow through your security and access settings.

Who are Portfolio users? Here at Benchmark Connections, we like to think about three primary groups.

  • Contributors are individual users, regisered in http://benchmark-connctions.com/mahara, that accept the social constraints needed to foster growth and are actively working to develop their own personal web presence because they recognize the growing value of having an online personal portfolio that will support them as their life evolves and their interests change over time.
  • Affiliates are institutions that support our Social Value initiatives and are active community collaborators. An Affiliate may be an individual that offers professional services or an organization that offers business, non-for-profit or public services.
  • Resources are professional service or other business, non-for-profit or public service organization that are recognized in the community and are simply noted as potentially valuable resources.

The beauty of creating an your own Contributor Portfolio is that it will grow and change with you. You may start with a personal portfolio and add your educational activities as they occur. By building this lifelong learning habit, it will become second nature to include professional, business, non-for-profit and public service activities. With each activity you have the opportunity to connect with new, and possibly life-long friends.

When you are ready, you can register your "Institution" as an Affiliate or become the Affiliate representative for your organization. This can provide authenticated access to collegues for internal collaboration and offers secure views and forums with access the entire authenticated community or go public and share selected views across the World Wild Web!

Because your Profile lives on with you and your Portfolio gains credibility when shown in the context of the real value you are contributing, you are free to flow with popular trends by adding views, and group forums. Then, as you reflect on their value, you can easily adjust as you record your individual, professional, and life goal achievements.

However you use your Portfolio, it is your story, built in a social context that places you in control of the personal content you want to share. Having your own Portfolio also ensures that public content is portrayed in the right context. The sad truth is that some people will say unreasonable and unsubstantiated things. But there is validity in your words when you display your current and well rounded public Portfolio that declares your professional and personal character backed by your activities and community of Friends that you work and serve with.


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